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By bunnysmoggysdoggys, Jun 20 2016 07:48PM

So RAW is upon us again this year and this year's subject is #buddiesforbunnies

As a rabbit keeper and breeder for many years I understand the need for comapny and how much fun and social rabbits can be, my females used to have the run of the aviary with lots of boxes to hide and climb on and a couple of plastic dog beds to snuggle down in together.

Now we've only got the one bunny, Charlie, he's only a baby at the moment but gets so much attention from Florence that he'sno doubt gonna end up in the pram at some point.

He's got a huge 6ft hutch all to himself and enjoys his Excel pellets every day along with as much hay, dried grass and other trreats he can munch his way through.

In store we have some deals on for this week, though you know us enough to know we'll keep them on for a little longer than a week, we love sharing these deals with you all and want as many as possible to get the chance to save some money and try some new things on your bunnies.

we've created some free sample bags of the Excel diets for people not sure if they're rabbits will eat them, so pop along and grab some to try on us.

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