Anco Naturals Giant Hairy Deer Leg

Anco Naturals Giant Hairy Deer Leg



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Brand:  Anco

Anco Naturals Giant Hairy Deer Leg Approx 40cm

 These long-lasting chews are simply air dried to preserve as many nutrients as possible. A single source protein, Deer / Venison is a good alternative to more widely available proteins if your dog has common protein allergies or sensitivities.  A perfect dental aid, they help to remove tartar from your dogs teeth. The hair naturally aids the removal of any parasites from the intestinal tract.  

Key benefits:-

* 100% Deer / Venison

* Perfect dental chew

* Hypoallergenic

* Air dried for maximum nutrient retention

* Aids in the elimination of parasites

* No chemical additives, preservatives, flavourings

Nutritional Analysis

Protein 46.8%, Fat 20%, Ash 1.1%

Any natural treat containing bone carries a risk of splintering. 

Dogs should always be supervised when eating.

Fresh water should be available at all times. 

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