Diatomaceous Earth 500g

Diatomaceous Earth 500g



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MULTI MITE® Animal FEED Grade Diatomaceous Earth is a superior FEED GRADE DE that is ideal as a Feed Additive and External Mite Control for virtually ALL animals from Rabbits, Cats & Dogs through all Poultry, Cattle, Horses you name it. A lesser variation of this product has been used in farming for over 100 years! When used as a FEED additive it also offers other many health benefits to animals when included in feeds due to its excellent mineral content. Perfect Diatomaceous Earth for your Dog & Cat consumption.

    • FEED Additive for ALL Animals
    • KILLS all manner of Parasites
    • No need to remove animal FEED or Water
  • A most popular use of this product is for Parasite/Mite & Insect control exceptionally effective against these in any environment.  It can be used in the home without any worry with sensible use, remember this is 100% Natural product so no nasty chemicals here!  Perfectly egg, feed and water safe so no need to remove from the animals environment.

      • Mineral  Conditoner
      • KILLS from RED MITE to FLEAS & TICKS to name a few

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