Gourmet Zero Grow With Mealworm
 Gourmet Zero Grow With MealwormGourmet Zero Grow With Mealworm 

Gourmet Zero Grow With Mealworm



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Wheatsheaf Gourmet ZERO grow Premium No Mess Hi-Energy Wild Bird Mixture.

This is a revised formula now containing Dried Mealworms and Extra Suet with berry for higher protein and energy. All the ingredients are non germinating and are of a more uniform size to help flow through feeders. The whole mix is fortified with Soya Oil.

It can be fed all year round especially during the harsh winter months and the demanding breeding season.

Great for use in seed feeders, or on bird tables and ground feeding.

INGREDIENTS:- 'Bakery Grade' Sunflower Hearts, Clean Cut Maize, Suet Pellets with Berry, Oat Groats, Peanut Granules, Pinhead Oatmeal, Suet Pellets with Insects, Flaked Barley, Dried Mealworms & Soya Oil.

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