Pork Chunks 1kg

Pork Chunks 1kg



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(VAT Free)

1KG of Boneless Pork Chunks

Key nutrients found in Pork Chunks:

  • Protein (Carries essential amino acids your dog gets from protein contribute to healthy hair and skin, muscle development and tissue repair.)
  • Niacin (Niacin helps make up enzymes and is necessary for helping your dog properly metabolise carbohydrate, protein, and fat)
  • Zinc (The mineral zinc plays an important role in many substances in the canine body including enzymes, proteins, and hormones. Zinc is also important for immune system function and thyroid function)
  • Phosphorus (Essential for Bone Health alongside Calcium)
  • Vitamin B (Promotes biochemical reactions to change carbohydrates into glucose providing energy to the body. It is also necessary in a dog's diet for the absorption of protein and fat

Pork Chunks are a meat Product, Meat Products should be served as roughly 80% of each meal alongside 10% Offal 10% Bone

*Our Products are for animal consumption only and are not suitable for humans*

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