Bizzy - Paper Rope Parrot Toy

Bizzy - Paper Rope Parrot Toy



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With lengths of knotted paper rope this Bizzy Paper Rope Parrot Toy from Zoo-Max brings many happy hours of shredding, chewing and preening fun to a Parrot.

The paper rope is a great alternative to cotton as a material for a Parrot to preen. Providing toys that offer preening opportunities can help reduce unwanted overpreening behaviours, in turn keeping a bird looking beautiful.

Your customer can separate out the ends of the paper rope, place a tasty reward inside and wrap it back up again for their feathered friend to find. Foraging is great fun and keeps a Parrots clever mind stimulated.

Plus, as the Parrot plays a shiny bell chimes along, adding some noisemaking fun.

Use the metal pear link provided to securely and quickly fasten this Bizzy Paper Rope Parrot Toy to the bird's cage or play gym stand.

  • - Budgies
  • - Caiques
  • - Cockatiels
  • - Conures - Small
  • - Lovebirds
  • Please remember this information is for size guidance only - you know your bird best!

Length 23cm (9)
Width 15cm (6)
Acrylic, Paper, Metal

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