Verglas Wood & Rope Parrot Toy
 Verglas Wood & Rope Parrot ToyVerglas Wood & Rope Parrot Toy 

Verglas Wood & Rope Parrot Toy



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This Verglas Wood and Rope Parrot Toy from Zoo-Max has lots of knotted sisal rope and leather strips for a bird to spend their time untying and chewing up.

The wood dowel pegs are fun to chew on, helping to keep the birds beak nice and trim.

As well as engaging their clever mind untying the knots in the sisal rope, a bird can spend their time picking, pulling and preening all those natural fibres. Having materials for the bird to preen on can help to reduce unwanted overpreening behaviours, and keep them looking fantastic.

For some foraging fun your customer can wedge food or treats into the holes drilled through the wood dowels and beads, encouraging their Parrot to work for their food. A bird would naturally spend many happy hours searching for their food, so they need to provide as many foraging opportunities as possible.

Using the metal pear link provided, your customer can securely and quickly attach this Verglas Wood and Rope Parrot Toy to their Parrots cage or play gym stand.

  • - Caiques
  • - Conures - Small
  • - Macaws - Small
  • - Meyer's and Senegal Parrots
  • - Quakers
  • Please remember this information is for size guidance only - you know your bird best!
  • Dimensions
    Length 30cm (12)
    Width 18cm (4)
    Wood, Leather, Sisal, Metal

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