Groovy Dancer Parrot Toy
 Groovy Dancer Parrot ToyGroovy Dancer Parrot Toy 

Groovy Dancer Parrot Toy



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wedge pieces of food and treats into the grooves on these wood blocks, then hang this Groovy Dance Parrot Toy up in their bird's cage or on their play gym stand using the metal quick link provided.

Having to work food out of these blocks offers essential mental stimulation for a Parrot, as well as providing them with a more natural way of feeding; Locating food, then having to find a way to get it out, is how a bird would naturally feed.

Each of the blocks on this Groovy Dancer freely move on the paper rope, so as the Parrot attempts to retrieve their rewards the blocks twist, making it that little bit more difficult then it may first appear.

Plus, these coloured wood blocks provide plenty of material for Parrots to chew; helping to keep their beak nice and trim along the way.

A Parrot can also enjoy chewing and shredding on the paper rope, as well as having fun untying the knots; occupying their clever mind.

Length 45cm (18")
Width 16cm (6.25")
Depth 10cm (4")
Paper, Rope, Wood, Metal

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